Old school graphics for the new school

As most of the guys in our office know, with the exception of a few (mainly me) who are behind the times, Minecraft has become one of the top games of the decade. As a result we decided to upload the game to our Raspberry Pis and get the Scouts to view some Minecraft programming in action.


For a Minecraft newbie it is hard to understand why a game with huge pixels and where everything has to be square would be so popular. I will be honest, when the Fubra Universe Team suggested it for teaching the Scouts about programming I couldn’t understand why the children would be interested in a less graphically appealing version of what I thought was the Sims.Rover Race

How wrong I was…

When we told the children they were going to be playing Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi a unanimous cheer came from each of them. We loaded up the game on the Raspberry Pi and got them going, they had to find the treasure hidden in the pyramid. The majority of them had played before and were away within minutes. After a while trying to find the pyramid which was created by one of our developers, we also showed them some pieces of code our developers had written specfically for this so they could see how a house could also be built with code. This resulted in them building numerous houses (mainly on top of each other).

While the group were getting on with their Minecraft world expansions each of the Scouts also got to take part in our Racing Rover competition. The idea was to get them to type in their programming script and get the Rover nearest to the Fubra Universe monster as possible. They only had one chance to do it and they had to get it right. Roverrace The girls were the outright winners beating the boys by a country mile. The overall winner won a WHSmiths voucher and will be showcasing their route to all of the parents who will be viewing it in real time using live streaming technology.