“Aldershot, Tranquility Base. The Eagle has landed.”

Fubra Universe Mission Control

Subject of movies, documentaries and series, “Mission Control” is back! The Fubra Universe team has started to build the “Mission Control Centre”, a space centre where the 2nd Aldershot Scouts will be driving the Mars Rover over the Mars surface.

Learning high level coding, lots of engineering and bootcamps, and even meeting a real astronaut (through Skype, with 3G), are just a few bits of the hard training the Scouts have gone through to get ready to this new project that will become, without any doubt, a milestone in their lives.

In a month’s time, white shirts and black ties on (or more likely, neckerchief and woggle), the Scouts will come to the Fubra offices again, ready to explore and find out what is really out there.

Ten Raspberry Pi’s have been set as workstations to control the mini Mars Rover, which the children will navigate over the terrain using JavaScript. A webcam will be following the robot over the Mars surface and broadcasting how the robot is doing in real time. Another webcam will be, at the same time, pointing at the mission control, allowing the entire world to see what real engineering looks like.

And if this wasn’t enough, there is some more good news: thanks to our in-house Arduino playground, everyone willing to try the Mars Rover will be able to access it right from their own computers at home very soon!

If you want to find out more about the preparations of the Mission Control, as well as the whole project, please keep tuned, all engines are running now!