Ground control to Major Story

On Friday 26th April, Fubra Universe had one of their most out of this world experiences with the Scouts yet; speaking to an astronaut, in a wood, in the middle of the night.

Fubra Universe Mission Control

Before going into how this happened we need to start at the beginning. Last year, Fubra, the company behind Fubra Universe, became the Kickstarter Platinum partner of the ArduSat to promote the Fubra hosting product CatN. As a premium sponsor, Fubra was awarded a 30 minute Skype chat with the astronaut Story Musgrave.

Fast forward one year, and the Fubra Universe team are in a wood at the Scout district camp setting up the Skype chat, surrounded by 20 eager Scouts. We were going to be speaking with Story Musgrave; a man who had been into space 6 times, has 6 graduate degrees, was the lead spacewalker on the Hubble telescope repair mission and has 7 children.

As we dialled the number, our hearts were in our mouths and we had all fingers and toes crossed that our 3G connection would be sufficient enough to cross the Atlantic and allow us to speak to Dr. Story Musgrave himself. As soon as he answered we relaxed, although the virtual presence of a man who achieved so much in a lifetime was both thrilling and awe inspiring.

Story began by introducing himself to the Scouts and then the children came forward with their questions. The Scouts asked some fantastic questions including “what do astronauts eat in space?” and “what is the future of Space exploration?”. You can listen to the full sound recording and all of the questions here:

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Hopefully we have managed to inspire the next generation of space explorers who one day may be interviewed by future Scouts asking about what they had eaten in space.

You can watch the evening transpire and see how we spoke to Story here: