Mission Log

Old school graphics for the new school

As most of the guys in our office know, with the exception of a few (mainly me) who are behind the times, Minecraft has become one of the top games of the decade. As a result we decided to upload the game to our Raspberry Pis and get the Scouts to view some Minecraft programming in action.

“Aldershot, Tranquility Base. The Eagle has landed.”

Subject of movies, documentaries and series, “Mission Control” is back! The Fubra Universe team has started to build the “Mission Control Centre”, a space centre where the 2nd Aldershot Scouts will be driving the Mars Rover over the Mars surface.

Learning high level coding, lots of engineering and bootcamps, and even meeting a real astronaut (through Skype, with 3G), are just a few bits of the hard training the Scouts have gone through to get ready to this new project that will become, without any doubt, a milestone in their lives.

Ground control to Major Story

On Friday 26th April, Fubra Universe had one of their most out of this world experiences with the Scouts yet; speaking to an astronaut, in a wood, in the middle of the night.

If you go down to the woods today…be prepared!

It was a dark and drizzly night in the woods and a group of 7 of us were following a path lit exclusively by glow sticks hanging ominously in the trees. The ground underfoot was muddy and a fire lay await in the distance. We were all starting to think this was the start of a very scary horror film and deciding in what order we would be killed off.


ArduSat, the small satellite with big ideas

ArduSat is a miniature cubic satellite, measuring 10 cm along each edge and weighing about 1kg. CatN (Fubra's cloud hosting platform) is the Platinum Partner for this unique project; the first open platform allowing the general public to design and run their own space-based applications, games and experiments, and steer the onboard cameras to take pictures on-demand.

There are lots of expirements that can be done with this little satellite such as hunting meteorites to generating true random numbers using cosmic rays, you can even take photographs in space if you are a keen photographer! Check out some of the experiment ideas people have come up with, or check out the original KickStarter project that got us involved.